Citing RichDEM

As of 883ea734e957, David A. Wheeler’s SLOCCount estimates the value of RichDEM at $240,481 and 1.78 person-years of development effort. This value is yours to use, but citations are encouraged as they provide justification of continued development.

General usage of the library can be cited as:

Barnes, Richard. 2016. RichDEM: Terrain Analysis Software.

An example BibTeX entry is:

title = {RichDEM: Terrain Analysis Software}, author = {Richard Barnes}, year = {2016}, url = {},


This information will be updated as versioned releases become available.

Although I have written all of the code in this library, some of the algorithms were discovered or invented by others, and they deserve credit for their good work. Citations to particular algorithms will be printed whenever an app, program, or library function is run. Such citations are prefixed by the character C and look like:

C Barnes, R., Lehman, C., Mulla, D., 2014. Priority-flood: An optimal depression-filling and watershed-labeling algorithm for digital elevation models. Computers & Geosciences 62, 117–127. doi:10.1016/j.cageo.2013.04.024

A typical academic citation might read as follows:

> We performed hydrological corrections on our DEM using the Zhou (2016) algorithm implemented in RichDEM (Barnes 2016).