Ways To Use It

As A Python Package

Get the package with:

pip3 install richdem

And use:

import richdem

The command:


provides all the relevant documentation.

As A Command-line Tool

To get the command-line tools, install the Python package with:

pip3 install richdem

The command-line tools are all named rd_*, so typing rd_ on your command- line and hitting tab a few times should give you the full list of what’s available.

As A Library

Upon compilation, point your library search path to the include directory. Include various files using, e.g.

#include "richdem/common/Array2D.hpp"

All files include extensive documentation. At this stage the location of certain functions may be subject to change. This will be noted in the NEWS file. (TODO)

As A Handy Collection of Tools

Running make in the apps directory will produce a large number of useful scripts which are essentially wrappers around standard uses of the RichDEM libraries. The [apps/README.md](apps/README.md) file and the apps themselves contain documentation explaining what they all do.

For Processing Large Datasets

The programs directory contains several programs which have not been converted to libraries. This is usually because their functionality is specific and they are unlikely to be useful as a library. Each directory contains a makefile and a readme explaining the purpose of the program.